The Apple Watch Series 4 is the latest iteration of Apple’s smartwatch, and its main focus is health. The Series 4 includes, for the first time, an electrode that allows you to take an ECG by placing your finger on the watch’s digital crown. The procedure takes about 30 seconds, the Apple Watch can also monitor a wearer’s heartbeat for atrial fibrillation or a dangerously low pulse in the background.

Thanks to its updated gyroscope and accelerator, the new Apple Watch also has a slip -and-fall tracking feature. Using the motion of the watch, it can determine if the wearer has taken a hard fall and prompt with an option to alert emergency contacts or even call 911.

The Apple Watch also has some more cosmetic and basic upgrades, including a screen that’s larger and reaches out to its newly curved corners. it’s got a slightly larger face and thinner chassis than previous models. The speaker’s volume has been increased by 50 percent, for folks who like to make phone calls on their watch, and the digital crown has been updated to provide tactical feedback when you’re using it to scroll through options on an app.

Apple Watch Series 4 will be available with GPS starting at $400 and with cellular starting at $500 (not including the cost of data). If those are too rich for your blood. The Series 3 will continue to be available starting at $280.