Just when I thought I knew ALL the Disneyland tricks and tips, one of the park’s PhotoPass photographers practically knocked my (millennial pink) mouse ears right off my head on my most recent trip with this genius hack. Before I get to the steps, you’ll need to download the Disneyland app and have Maxpass. You’ll also need an Apple Watch. OK, are you ready to have your mind blown? Keep reading to find out how to speed up the photo process at Disneyland with this easy tip — you’ll save so much time, you might even get in a few extra rides!

Disneyland PhotoPass Apple Watch Hack

(One note for Disney World visitors: MagicBands work in a similar way as this hack, so you don’t actually need it for that park!)

Now for the rest of your trip, anytime you have a Disney park photographer take your photo, all they have to do is scan your watch. You don’t have to pull out your phone, open the app, and wait for everything to load. It’s just a one-step process.