Google will announce a pair of new phones next week, but more leaks have described them in every last detail ahead of their launch.

With such interest in new devices from Apple , Google and Samsung leaks are pretty common in the run-up to their announcement. But a series of new videos have blown the lid on Google’s latest devices.

Previous leaks have implied the Pixel would get a screen notch like the iPhone XS

The most recent leaks include what appears to be a marketing video for the Pixel 3 XL showing off new camera features.

There will be some new augmented reality features and a neat trick that will allow you to grab email addresses from business cards and send mail to them. Not perhaps brand new as an idea, but still nifty.

In addition to that, a Russian YouTuber called Rozetked has done a comprehensive first look at the device. It’s the same physical size as the Pixel 2 XL, but the screen is larger thanks to an iPhone-XS-style edge-to-edge panel.

The pixel can automatically recognise email addresses

There’s new vibration features too, which aim to offer the same sort of haptic feedback you get on the iPhone and Apple Watch. Rozetked says he thinks it may even be more advanced than Apple’s version.

The two Pixel phones have been comprehensively leaked

Some rumours have suggested that there will be a third phone launched too, a Pixel Ultra. There’s not a lot (if any) evidence to back this up though. And while some online enthusiasts have made renders they seem to be more fantasy than reality.

Mostly they are pushing for a notch-free, edge-to-edge screen that addresses the concerns that the Pixel 3 XL is a bit of an ugly duckling, thanks to that massive screen notch.