As luck would have it, the tech world has the answer to your productivity problems, offering a bevy of high-tech gadgetry designed to help maximise potential and block out daily distractions. Without further ado, allow us to present the best office upgrades you never knew you needed.

Fidgi Pen

A photograph of a person holding a Fidgi Pen

A Bond gadget if Q Branch catered for anxious middle management, the Fidgi Pen comes stealthily armed with enough discrete fidget points that you need never chew that gnarled Biro again
Main benefit: It’s a pen that helps you focus

Window-Mounted Solar Charger

A promotional shot of the XD Window Mounted Solar Charger Power Bank attached to a window

Plugs? Where we’re going, we don’t need plugs. Simply stick this solar charging bank onto any adjacent window and keep your devices topped up with as many jiggawatts as they can hold;
Main benefit: All-natural device juicing

Yo-Yo mini Standing Desk

A promotional image for the two-tier Yo-Yo mini Standing Desk

The health benefits of standing over sitting are many – in short, it’s less likely to kill you – but rather than splashing out on a hulking great stand-up desk, why not have the next best thing? This pop-up desk has 15 adjustable heights and works from any solid surface;
Main benefit: An impromptu pop-up desk for your old desk

Lumo Lift Posture Coach

A woman photographed wearing the Lumo Posture Coach & Activity Tracker

As if you were taking your mother to work, the Lumo Lift is a small device that tells you when you’re slouching, vibrating whenever you get lethargic. Clip it under your shirt using a magnetic clasp, set your target posture and away you go
Main benefit: Improves your posture


An image of the Pip Stress Management Device nestled on a table among a tablet, hardback book and cup of coffee

By measuring the skin pores on your fingertips, this tiny biofeedback device can detect stress levels in your body and then provide guidance on how to chill the ‘F’ out. No, you won’t swear anymore – you’ll be far too relaxed for that;
Main benefit: Monitors stress levels to keep you composed


A promotional shot of the AppKettle set against a dark grey background

It’s the great first world problem: you’re about to brew up when an impromptu office meeting is called. No matter – controlled via your smartphone, the AppKettle keeps water hot at a temperature of your choosing for up to 30 minutes. Best of all, it even works with Alexa. About time she got a round in…
Main benefit: Allows you to boil the kettle from afar

Multi Laptop Windows

A man photographed facing a laptop with three different display screens

You know what’s better than one screen? Three screens. This surprisingly affordable multi-window attachment will help you manage projects like never before;
Main benefit: Extra screens to help manage work