Creative and unique clocks designed to enrich your home or office


Colosimo Handcrafted Watch Safe

Ensure your watches are kept clean and secure with the Colosimo Handcrafted Watch Safe. Featuring premium materials, this safe gives you the peace of mind that your timepieces are safe and sound. Named after famed gangster Big Jim Colosimo, the safes in this collection take inspiration from massive bank vaults. And, the likeness is uncanny. The Colosimo range includes the Standard, Mies, Spike, and 300SL Gullwing. Each varies in aesthetic ever so slightly yet exudes luxury. Some designs include quilted leather and even spikes. The largest of the range is the 300SL Gullwing. With two vault doors, it has enough space for six watches. The Colosimo Safes are also complete with a variety of design extras. There are built-in clocks, dials, switches, and more.

NixC Vintage Modern Tube Clock

Old meets new to present time with the NixC Vintage Modern Tube Clock. Enjoy a unique combination of the aesthetic appeal of a vintage tube clock with the performance of modern technology. Featuring classic tube displays and hand woodwork, NixC looks like an antique item until you turn it on. Then you can see the electronics inside the tube lamps. Additionally, you can change the backlight of the tubes to your preference. You can choose to display a single color at all times or turn on transitions. It’s even possible to switch the backlight off entirely for a pure tube lamp design. Likewise, you can easily change the settings remotely on your phone. This feature allows you to set the time and adjust the backlight effect and color. Plus, enabling sleep mode preserves its lifespan.

Engraved Wood Star Wars Clock

Showcase your love for the galaxy with the Engraved Wood Star Wars Clock. Made by hand, this wonderful timepiece has an unusual display of the time. Rather than numbers, the Star Wars Clock has icons from the greatest films of all time. These include a Stormtrooper mask, a Jedi outline, Darth Vader, R2-D2, Yoda, and more. With 12 icons in total, each hour reminds you of your favorite scenes. In addition, the Star Wars characters and icons are ultra precise in their engraving. Any fan of the films is sure to appreciate the high quality design. Additionally, the Star Wars Clock sports a rustic design thanks to the natural birch plywood. It’s the perfect addition to a dorm, man cave, or the office. Finally, the Star Wars Clock runs on a super silent mechanism to not disrupt your focus on the Force.

Walnut Wall Click Clock

Staying on time is a snap with the Walnut Wall Click Clock. Activated by a single snap of your fingers or clap of your hands, this clock illuminate to display the time. Made with MDF woodwith a beautiful walnut wood effect finish, the Walnut Wall Click Clock can be fixed to the wall without a seam to appear as if it’s floating. The time lights up with a green LED display which is visible from across the room. The Walnut Wall Click Clock allows for three different alarms to be set over a 5-day or 7-day period and each has a snooze function. Cleverly, the display will automatically dim from 9pm to 7am wile you can choose a 12-hour or 24-hour format. The Walnut Wall Click Clock can also display the temperature and can be set to permanently display the the time as opposed to being sound activated.