I love to build things and set things up. Whenever I buy a new piece of furniture I get excited at the prospect of creating it from scratch with nothing but the items and an instruction manual to do it. But with that being said, sometimes it can definitely get frustrating. I mean, maybe not as frustrating as the feeling the dad trying to build the TV in the video you’re about to watch had, but you get what I mean!

In the photo, Sophie Vango was filming her dad as he tried to set up a new TV.

Suffice it to say, her pop was having some trouble!

Sophie decided to document his war with the TV on Snapchat, and she found herself unable to contain her laughter!

It began as it usually begins: the dad set up the TV the way he thought it was supposed to be set up.

But his outrage began to grow as the machine didn’t respond the way he expected.

All the while, Sophie was filming him and cackling her head off!

The more the TV refused to work, the angrier Sophie’s dad got.

And let’s be honest — we’ve probably all been there!