The love between a father and his daughter is truly one of a kind.

Of course, this is a bond that isn’t reserved only for a dad and his biological daughter: It can blossom between any girl who looks up to the father figure in her life.

To show just how much she loves her stepdad David, HaLeigh and her mom, Angel Trevino, wanted to do something special for him on his birthday.

“From day one he has accepted her as his own, immediately,” Angel told KRISTV.

The two sat him down on the couch and presented him with a piece of paper, which he was asked to read aloud. As you’ll see in the footage below, David immediately started to cry as he read the paper.

“Today, 2-1-2018, will be a day we will cherish forever as we grow old,” he says out loud. After that, he reads that HaLeigh’s last name has now officially been changed to Trevino, like him!

“You stole her heart from day one but today, she stole your last name forever,” he says through his tears. The little girl then hands her stepdad the official piece of paper that has her new last name, and the pair hug.